Burn Out

Jimmy Cerra

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Oct 17, 2005
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<a href="http://www.sherdog.net/forums/showthread.php?t=323537">Iceman's thread</a> brough up simular feeling in me. (Although I don't feel like him exactly with jiu-jitsu.) I have been feeling pretty burned out lately. I just can't get pumped up for practice much! There is a seminar with Showgun on Monday and a few tournaments comming up, but I feel so ambivalent about attending.

Yet after almost nine months of grappling, I don't feel as excited as I used to. This shouldn't be: I won the last tournament, was promoted recently, have never been better at grappling, and I am in the best shape since high school. When I started I entered every tournament and attended every seminar I could. Now I don't have that inner "need" I once had even though I'm much better. This is very strange!

Why can I do to get excited about the sport again. I don't want to quit. I must not quit! But how can I remain motivated?
everyone gets it sometime. its just how things are, when you do something intensively for a certain amount of time you kinda get used to it and it doesnt seem interesting anymore.

first of all, take a week off. don't think about it, don't read the forums, don't watch any fights.

when you do go back to training, always do some new stuff. don't just do the old things over and over again, try new tricks and experiment alot. also, try training with new people if you can.

another thing that gets me going is watching some kickass action from time to time, ex: sato's sub wrestling fights.

hope this helps, good luck.
take a little time off- but that might motivate u to quit more

i feel your pain bro
maybe you should talk to your instructor about it. It defiently sounds like you need some time off, but I wouldn't put it completely out of your head because like graciestudent said it might make you want to quit even more.
It's absolutely normal. When I first started, I was totally smitten and wanted to think and train BJJ all the time for about 1.5 years. Then it tapered off after I got my blue belt. It comes and goes. Don't expect that initial fire to last forever. It's like a relationshiop with a girl/woman. Be realistic about it and stick with regular training.
jimmy if you want someone to beat up on, let me know. stick with it bro...