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Aug 20, 2007
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I recently started wsb4sb and it talked about how eating properly helped people gain weight also. I was wondering what foods would be good. I know I will need to increase my diet to gain size but IDK what foods to eat exactly. Here is my diet I have been doing recently. Breakfast consists of 4 eggs scrambled. With 2 pieces of toast, a bannana and a glass of milk. After that I eat chicken and vegetables along w/ fat free milk 2-4 times a day after breakfast. Am I eating the proper foods?
yes. make that bread whole wheat. pb is good lots of calories. yogurt too. just eat a ton. chicken, meats, turkey etc. get some protein too
chicken, meats, turkey etc. get some protein too

This, to me, seems like an oxymoron. :icon_lol:

TS- Your answer is dependant on how often you eat the chicken. Is it 2x a day, or is it 4x? If it's 2, then you're vastly under-eating for someone who is trying to bulk. If it's 4x, you could probably be hitting maintenance depending on size and activity level. Fact is, I would eat a pound of chicken, a pound of beef, have 3 jumbo eggs for breakfast, 3 slices of turkey bacon and veggies - and only hit 1500 calories. Granted, my chicken was just chicken, flavored with spices and herbs. No sauce, no nothing. Get where I'm going with this...

So you've got the right idea, but if you're just eating a chicken breast, you need to find a way to make it a little more calorically dense. Try adding Italian bread crumbs or something.

Find out your maintenance caloric intake, and add 250-350 more calories to your diet. If you're still not gaining, add more. Adding 250-350 will most likely help you gain lean muscle as opposed to picking up a shit ton of fat. However, some people need a bigger surplus.
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Lol. I know. But if he's getting a good amount of meat in his diet, he probably won't need whey unless he really wants to take some PWO or something.
I would get some whey. Shoveling in the amount of protein he needs in meat sounds like an expensive diet.

Just use whatever you can get your hands on that has a good protein content. Meats, yogurts, cottage cheese, PB, and powder.
adding a bunch of whey won't help ... he needs to eat big and judging by the fact that he said he uses fat free milk he has a lot to do before needing to add whey powder ...
Why chicken? Pretty low calorie and not great for bulking, at least go for chicken thighs. Red meats are the shit for this sort of thing, loads more good calories.
Red meat is good in that perspective, but I've yet to see any conclusive evidence to support either theory that red meat is safe in mass quantities.

I did a little research into it a while back when I was consuming 3lbs weekly. I never drew a conclusion.
1/2 gomad worked well for me, i added 26lb in 8 weeks and id guess only around 50% of that is fat.
nobody NEEDS whey, its literally just protein.

but its cheap, quick, easy to eat at anytime throughout the day, and generally pretty awesome way to lose or gain weight.