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2. Device
3. Browser
4. Company/Product of ad
5. A screenshot if possible
6. Brief description of how the ad is a problem
7. Page/Pages affected
8. Date and time of occurrence

Refer to the instructions for your device on how to take screenshots

Bug on .com. Thought I'd report it here because I'm confused and maybe drunk.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hinch**, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hinch** Guest

    Okay, maybe it's just me...On both my work and home computer...However, when you view pictures via Fight Finder, and one of the usual adds pops up before you click the "requested page" the pictures will then not load when you proceed.


    I click "Random Mark Kerr Pictures - Click for More"

    I see lots of cool pictures.

    However, sometimes I click either the above link, or one of the numbered pages with pictures on, and get one of the pre-loading page advertisements. Now I click "Go to Requested Page" and voila...A page devoid of pictures whatsoever.

    Now, I know this is a pitiful little problem, but as we all know, when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, Indonesia gets a Tsunami etc.

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