bruised big toe estensor tendon from shallow low kick

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by carped33z, Dec 1, 2005.

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    i was low kicking a bag with sneakers one, which was dumb, because i think i hit it too shallow one too many times with my instep. when i woke up the next morning any time i tried to cock my toes i got like an electric nerve feeling in my foot. the trainer at my school says i bruised my extensor tendon which makes sense since if i rub my thumb laterally across the top of my foot i get a nerve sensation.

    i imagine this is a common injury so i was just wondering how long people usually take off to let it heal, or if you can contonue to train with it as long as you take caution. right now the only cure seems to be rest, heat, and anti inflammatories but i really want to get some work done before winter vacation.

    take time off, or keep going?
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    depends how bad it hurts...... ive had a sprained ankle for like a month and did a fight with it even..... i still train moderately and do active recovery..... strengthening the area around the injury is the best way to prevewnt it again.

    they key is to know your limits on what will make it worse

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