Broken Toe


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May 3, 2005
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I broke my toe in muay thai tonight, a class I take to stay in shape. It's the toe next to the small toe on my left foot. I'm a righty. I finished with the class, but it hurt more later so I went to the hospital and they told me it's broken.

Is this going to affect me that much when I try rotating on it?
Would it be counterproductive not to wait for it to heal and to immediately train in a few days despite pain and discomfort?
Am I being a total pussy for worrying about my toe?
Rest it unless your fighting for your meal ticket. However if you are like me and most people on this borad you'll keep training :)

Anyways, I would tape it up, and wear wrestling shoes for now during the class...
Yes it is going to hurt heaps when u swivel your foot on the ball when doing round house kicks as the toes tend to drag on the floor as u swivel.

I had the same injury and i could not take the pain when kicking.

my solution?? yes u can train but buy some TKD shoes ( get the Adidas ones they are the best imo) and say good buy to hurting toes when u swivel...train with these till your toe is me on this one i know from experience it realy works.
Bad luck, I broke my big toe a while back and had alot of trouble kicking for a long time (also really screwed with my grappling), I agree that a good pair of wrestling boots might really help you out, but would also advise you took it easy for a while to aovid doing more damage or setting back your recovery time further.