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Brockton MA/ Boston MA Area gyms

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by jmugza11, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. jmugza11 White Belt

    Sep 12, 2007
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    Going to Brockton Mass for a few days, looking for a good place to train - Boston isn't too far, i'd go there... thanks!
  2. jmugza11 White Belt

    Sep 12, 2007
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    nothing, really?
  3. Scrappy145 Yellow Belt

    Apr 10, 2010
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    When it comes to Boston you have the big 3.

    Boston Muay Thai Academy
    Wai Kru

    I've trained at Wai Kru for 2 months.
    Boston Muay Thai for 4 months (still training there)
    and Sityodtong for 3 days

    here are my impressions;

    Boston Muay Thai;
    + great padholding
    + will get you in shape
    + decent technique/coaching, if you show them that you WANT to train and have a good understanding of the fight game and are worth their time they will give you that extra attention and make sure you improve as needed
    - not beginner friendly (didnt matter to me, because when I went there I already had the basics somewhat down, but I do notice that the gym is better suited for guys that already have learned the basics elsewhere)

    (was only there for a short time so my opinion may not be as valid as others)
    + good technique/coaching
    - not many Muay Thai classes in the schedule, as MMA takes up alot of attention
    - caters to MMA way more then Muay Thai

    Wai Kru;
    + you can come in ANYTIME you want, theres always someone there to hold pads
    + good padholders
    + good class structure, good balance between technique and conditioning
    - not much sparring, if you want to spar you have to arrange it with people after/before class usually, but since you can come any time its not much of a problem

    Do not let the hype of Sityodtong's success fool you, you would be a fool to think you will get the same training as the Pro UFC fighters do and same attention and same coaching that they do, with that said it looked like a decent gym but the main problem is it focused more on MMA then Muay Thai, and dont expect to ever see Mark DellaGrotte there.

    Wai Kru is good...No gripes with that gym.But I chose Boston Muay Thai over it because everything Wai Kru had, BMTA had a little bit better. (padholding, coaching, conditioning, overall training)....My time at Wai Kru,though short, was definitely a good experience.

    BMTA was my gym of choice, great padholders, lots of conditioning, LOTS of sparring, etc etc...people there are TRUE Muay Thai fans and very knowledgeable to the sport, not like other MT gyms that just cater their style to MMA...these guys know AUTHENTIC Muay Thai and will teach it to you.

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