Brighter future: L. Peterson or A. Berto?



Between Andre Berto and Lamont Peterson which one of these yound studs do you predict to have the better future?

If Berto trains hard and can take a solid punch which is still questionable then I think he's a champ for years to come. I see Berto vs. Cotto someday solidifying the division.

But I gotta say, young Lamont has skills that will definitely make him a champ as well. Lamont has speed, power and his technique is beautiful.

Who you got in 5 years as the better fighter?
I like Peterson. I still see visible flaws in Berto that he can eventually correct, but Peterson's much more solid in my eyes and is going to be the better of the two for the length of their respective careers.
I gotta go with Peterson. I like both guys, but the Peterson bros are from DC, where I'm from. Gotta go with the local guys.
What is with all the tit shots?

I'll be honest. I need to watch more fights on Lamont. Berto at this point gets wrecked by all the titlists.
WW is too stacked and Berto might be a tad limited.