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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by T.J.T, May 4, 2008.

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    Is this something that comes with more training and fight experience? I did my first Kickboxing/thai boxing tourny and finished 1st and 2nd and had to pull out of the Thai rules category because i felt very faint. My cartio is relativly good, i can train for 1.5 hours and feel good, i went for a jog the morning of for 45 minutes to get my blood going, but the minute and a half round i honestly felt horrible.

    I realize i may have been nervouse, but i do have past experience with sports and playing in front of lots of people so i didnt really get an adrenaline dump, i could think clearly threw the whole round and i was very controlled, i just didnt breath. My buddy took video and after my first fight my face is pail and my lips are a bright purple it almost looks like i am walking dead.

    I feel like i can blame it a bit on not being allowed to use full power, because when i train on thai pads or a heavy bag i tend to "grunt" while throwing hard, but it just seemed i wasnt making any sound when i was in those matches probably because i was holding my breath.

    Does anyone have advice or some tricks they use?
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    You need to relax before the fight and make sure you pace yourself during the fight. This is a common thing that happens to everybody but affects professionals less because they've learned how to control it.

    The main thing is your adrenaline is going and your nervous and if you were to check your pulse, it would already be beating fast and you aren't even fighting yet. Another is that since your adrenaline is going your going to throw harder, faster, and more which also wears you down.

    You've just got to get used to it and learn and know that its coming so you know how to react to it

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