Brazilian President wears a Judogi

Wow...that is actually a HUGE deal. Any government attention is good, as long as they aren't bashing. This is great for BJJ, and judo.
judogido said:
... Good news for Brazillian Judo & BJJ?

I think its always good news for everyone.

What I think is more important is that Presidents start training in judo and bjj.

I think like Russia's President that one time I saw him on t.v. throwing the crap out of some students from somewhere. That was awesome!

If presidents trained in something then maybe when they had a disagreement they could have a submission grappling tournament and then whoever won the match would win the argument. Like in that movie Troy with Brad Pitt as Achilles saying,

"Wouldn't it be something if kings actually fought in the battles they started."

Damn straight.
What should they be spending the money on? Facilities? Sponsoring elite OR up & coming young athletes? Promotion? Hosting International level competitions?
Youth development IMO. Expand the talent pool and you get more exceptional athletes, and those that don
I agree. *sings* "I believe our Children are our future....

Still - I wonder how much of the money will actually go to benefiting Judo & how much will bet sucked up by the bureaucracy?