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Brabo from guard pass help


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Mar 9, 2008
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My instructor showed a move the other day, that I can't remember, and I've searched YouTube far and wide for the same move but can only find similar yet different ones. I was hoping somebody could either explain it very well, or post a video of what I'm wanting.

Say I have you in my closed guard. You manage to posture up and open it, then pass over my right leg and proceed to come around for right side control. But, as you're coming around I somehow slide/turn/rotate the opposite way that you're coming (walk my feet to my left), trap one of your arms (I think your right arm) with my arm, begin to walk around and curl up around your head (like a fetal position), lock my arms like a rear-naked and get you with a brabo choke.

This is the closest video I could fince, YouTube - Jeff Glover - Counter pass with brabo choke but it's not exactly it as this is off more of a standing guard pass. I also don't think the choke I'm talking about requires the guy passing guard to start off with that under hook on the bottom man's left side.

Can anybody help?
Its the same idea whether standing or from a knee slide on knees.