Boxing's Master Baiters


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Jan 14, 2004
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So I was just watching RJJ-Toney on VS (they show boxing on VS? Who knew?) and of course, I saw the memorable occasion in the early rounds where Jones showboated and got Toney to reciprocate, then slapped him upside the head with a nasty hook (then clearly pushed him down and got a freebie knockdown - but that's beside the point.

Anyway - I was trying to think of the other great guys in boxing history at baiting their opponents into doing something stupid then capitalizing - a la Jones-Toney. I couldn't really think of anybody. I sort of thought of the old George Foreman who basically allowed himself to be beaten up for an entire fight to lull Moorer into being able to land the single crushing straight right, but that's not exactly the definition I'm looking for.

Who else comes to mind as good at baiting/faking? I'm drawing a blank here.
Toney is actually crafty at doing that. He made Holyfield look silly in their fight...
Floyd, Leonard, McGirt, Burley, Napoles, Gavilan, Sanchez, Arguello...
prince naseem hamid basically did it to all his fighters. I hate his guts though
Nate Campbell back in the day; baited himself!
by baiters are we talking about guys who used exaggerated showboats to get their guy to do something stupid? or are we talking about the crafty fighters who would use feints and other very subtle tricks to create openings?

cus hamed acting like a clown in the ring causing the other guy to go nuts is something that any guy can pull off when he's that much more talented than his opponent. on the other hand, someone like b-hop using the slightest movement of his shoulders or legs to cause a guy to flinch or trip over himself is what really amazes me.
Probably Tyson, when he was in prison ofcourse.
did George Michael ever box?

I'm glad someone finally picked up on it. :D

"Master Baiters" thread? Way too funny.

Anyway, I think most of the successful aging fighters become "baiters" at some point. When the reflexes start to go, they're forced into laying traps which they try to trick their younger counterparts into.
Trick is finding a good one.
I think Sweet pea did a good job at baiting and getting his opponents out of position and countering
benny lenard, willie pep, i would say james toney as well. toney was impressive with the amount of technique he had in using the shoulder rolls and counter punching.
Roy Jones has got to be near the top at this list.