Boxing Tips Needed

la vengeance

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Jun 3, 2006
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Hi guys, I was recently working on my boxing technique alone and find that I have a very hard time boxing anyone that has slightly greater reach than me.

What are suggestions on some things I could do, other than staying on the outside and getting picked apart?

It seems very difficult to get on the inside as well.

Thanks guys.
OK, a few things. First of all if you are training at a gym, talk to your trainer. Secondly (and I am not trying to be a jerk) read the stickys at the top of the stand up page there is some GREAT advice there on this subject.

Summarizing a fair bit of content I would tell you, you need to first of all work on your footwork to create angles. It is the only way to negate someone's reach. Work on tightening up your combos. You're only going to be able to work inside using combos.
From experience I can tell you that I have a tough time boxing a smaller guy that bully fights. I am tall and lanky and like to use my reach to pick apart smaller guys (6ft 2in 180 77reach). However, I fight tall, as most taller guys will (upright, punch down). I usually have the toughest time with shorter guys who use angles and come in as often as possible. For a guy that fight tall, when a smaller fighter comes in, it takes away alot of the power and puts them a little off balance. The opposite applies for the smaller guy, more power and usually you create a bigger target because the taller fighter will naturally square up. Just my opinion.....hope this helps
I am 6-1 and most people have a huge problem with my reach. That being said, I recently boxed someone with a greater reach than me. Every time I came in I would eat a punch no matter how much head movement I used. I thought about my situation in between rounds, and decided to wait for my opponent to throw a punch, parry it and then strike. It seemed to work rather well. Also, it is usually easier for shorter guys to stay low and go to the body, buy you have to set it up, you cant just run in.