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    So I’m in the market for a headgear because I started taking boxing and I don’t want to use the gyms. I’m thinking about getting the Leone black edition open face. I don’t really care much about protection since I came from Muay Thai and we never use headgear. But since it’s required for boxing I am getting one. Any way what do you guys think of open face for training?
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    I'll pay forward some advice @cottagecheesefan once gave me:

    Pretty awesome brain bucket for the price. I know it says "competition" but don't pay that any mind. It's for Master's, so it's pretty well padded.

    Only issue I ever really had with them is because the padding is thick, it does obstruct your view - maybe more than you'd like. But from a stopping-cuts-and-superficial-damage perspective, real good.

    If you're pretty set on open face and don't care about protection, why not just buy the cheapest one you can find?
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