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Boxing glove care


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Mar 3, 2011
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How do you look after your gloves? I heard you are suposed to wipe them with antibacterial wipes. I dont know what these are exactly, like baby wipes? How do you dry them out? I currently have mine on a make shift glove tree made out of old coat hangers about 1/2 meter away from a radiator so they donr get too hot, will this work? Thanks
I wipe down as soon as i get home then stuff in the glove dogs. I leave the dogs in until the next day then spray the insides with odor-aid. No stink no grossness in my gloves.
  1. I use fresh handwraps everytime I use my gloves.
  2. After class I wipe down the outer glove with a damp cloth (water only), then I dry them with a dry cloth.
  3. I open up my gloves and sit the open ends in front of a small fan (approx. 8") on full blast for about an hour and a half, or until they become completely dry.
  4. Then, I put glove dogs in them made of thin stockings and chunks of coal. This is a step I forget to do periodically.

I've also applied glove oil once to my gloves. I've never used any sort of odor-aid or antibacterial substance on my gloves. No odor problems yet. If I do decide to use anti odor or bacterial subtances on my gloves it would probably be no more than like once a month on the inside and like once every 3 months on the outer glove.