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Bowflex Sport?


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Nov 15, 2004
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Does anybody know how the Bowflex Sport works out? How is it compared to free weights? Is it worth the investment?
I own a Bowflex Extreme and I like it a lot. Free weights are always better. I can bench twice what I can with free weights on the Bowflex but it's that way with the machines at the gym too.
The BF is a well made machine.

I used to use a Bowflex and liked it a lot. It's great if you have little room. It didn't feel hokey like the soloflex or gravity edge. I would recommend it if you have no room for a squat rack, lat tower and other necessities.
Resistance excerises are also excelent for build core strength and power. You may not get as big with those kind of excerises, but what muscles you do work out with probably be overall stronger.

I have not tried that kind of Bowflex, but the kind I have used I liked alot.