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Apr 18, 2006
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sup fellas -

so i was rolling yesterday and working from the half guard ... i was getting the underhook ok and getting to my side, and trying to work that basic bravo sweep where you reach under and grab your opponent's foot ... well every time i did this, he would reach in for a brabo choke. should that not be an option for him, or is that just one of the risks of attempting that sweep? i dont know the brabo choke well so, i don't know if it's a real threat while they're still in your half guard. thanks guys, i always appreciate the advice on here ...
it IS a real threat from there and you have to be aware of it.
jesus between the wizzer and that damn choke i'm gonna blow a gasket
for sure. i am a straight up half guard player and the brabo can be finished from your half. a darce can be finished from there too.
DirectDrive, can you explain to me the difference between the Darce and the Brabo. My teacher has always told me that they're the same choke, but just different names... Am I missing something?
a darce normally uses the gable grip and the brabo uses the RNC grip
Actually (from what i've been told), the Darce and the Brabo are not the same. The darce is basically the quarter nelson that you use in order to flip the person on to his side. The choke itself that you follow up with is the Brabo Choke. So normally some/alot of people just generalize it overall and call it the "D'arce", while others do the opposite and call it the "Brabo". I forget the exact story behind the Brabo naming (all I can remember is it having somethign to do with Leo Vieira), while the D'arce was named after Joe D'arce, and it was the quarter nelson he used to flip people to their side so he could perform the Brabo. So people just started calling it the Darce.

There is a youtube video floating around of a guy teaching the series, and he uses the D'arce as a choke, but its really just a neck crank when he does it.

Hope that helps