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Opinion Boeing and US Air Force secretly designed and tested next generation fighter

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by PEB, Sep 16, 2020 at 2:20 PM.

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    Well just as we finally start rolling out buggy F-35 fighter jets Air Force begun testing 6th generation fighters. You can never sign a big enough check for the military. They seek pennies "1 billion" next year to continue developing it. It turns out this jet went from planning stages to testing a prototype in around a year. Little is known about it other then it will likely cost a trillion to build at this point what's a trillion people dying on the street country leaning towards another economic downturn job creator am I right lol.

    The U.S. Air Force has quietly built and flown a brand-new aircraft prototype that could become its next-generation fighter, the service's top acquisition official announced Tuesday.

    Dr. Will Roper, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics, revealed during the virtual 2020 Air, Space and Cyber conference that the new aircraft is part of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program, which defies the traditional categorization of a single platform, featuring a network of advanced fighter aircraft, sensors and weapons in a growing and unpredictable threat environment."
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