Bodyguard mag. joins TAPOUT


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Aug 31, 2002
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I have a source that tells me this a done deal. Bodyguard magazine will no longer be called Bodyguard. It will be called TAPOUT magazine. Obviously they will be all grappling/mma now. Look for it soon.
That's pretty much what they have been, isn't it?
As everyone knows by now, Bodyguard Magazine is now TapouT Magazine. I must tell you all that Robert Pittman, his son Bobby Pittman along with the designer Lisa Williams and all the dedicated staff members here do an excellent job putting the magazine together. This company embodies the principle of "Commitment to Excellence" in everything that they put their hands to. What is primary though is that the magazine's staff are purists of the sport, especially Bobby Jr. Their desire is to publish the best magazine possible for the reader. Nothing short of this will suffice. They truly care about content and quality and seek to inform and instruct the reader. The sky is really the limit for these very dedicated and hard working individuals. Now that we are aligned with the TapouT crew, we truly are the MMA magazine to be reckoned with for now and the future. The Pittmans and the rest of the staff have my deepest respect and it is my honor to work along side of all of them.

I strongly recommend checking the magazine out if you have not done so when it was Bodyguard! This is a magazine that has heart and soul!

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That information is correct. I received mail directly from the source verifying as much (I am an advertiser). I think it is a good move. I though Bodyguard was an innapropriate title name for the magazine which is basically bjj/grappling oriented. I do wonder how it will effect their ability to keep advertising dollars from TapOut competitors like Sinister.

The new issue of Bodyguard is great btw.
I know this info is correct. Thats why I broke it..
sweet deal.
i wont miss any issues when they come out
When will the first issue come out? Or, is it already?
I'm guessing AT LEAST a month. They have not even officially broke this yet :)
The first issue where Bodyguard Magazine becomes TapouT Magazine will hit newsstands in February.
They practially owned Bodyguard mag from day one, all there stupid "Inyaface" ads were all over the magazine.
The comment about TapouT pretty much owning Bodyguard Magazine from the start is totally absurd and completely untrue....I write this reply with respect to the person who made the comment on this thread, but in complete seriousness. I know it is not the case.