Body Triangle from guard


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Oct 25, 2007
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I can't find anything online about this, but a guy I know always talks about using his long legs to throw a body triangle from his guard. I'm not so worried about actually doing it, My question is more to how to defend it.

I can see it would inhibit breathing and making things uncomfortable. The thing that comes to my mind is the Triangle escape where you put your knees under them and posture up. I don't think it would break it though.

I was wondering how to escape this, to any of you who have had experience with it.
Just turn your body sideways so he can not crush your diaphram. He can not sub you as long as his legs are locked. If it is MMA just pound the shit out of him and let him keep his legs locks.

If you want, the leg that is not going across your body but is being used to lock the body triangle, trap that leg with your leg on the same side and then arch your back creating an achillas lock on the leg going across your back.
At some point he will have to open up his legs to attack anyway.
same as you would break a closed gaurd. dig your elbows in his legs and create space, if all else fails can opener the shit out of him
Try the can opener. It may be considered a "dick" move, but it's a viable option in that position.
i don't know why you are so worried about that.
I mean i can see if u were asking about if it was from the back cuz that hurts but i mean ur on top so at least u have more options.
Pick the foo up and slam him