body technique with jabs


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Jul 27, 2005
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I understand that your power comes from the movement of your hips. I was always under the impression that when throwin jabs you swing your hips. But I recently saw a sparring tutorial where the trainer said not to turn your hips but drop them and stay square with your opponent. So should you turn your hips when jabbing?
*gets up and jabs*
Umm I think the turn should be more from the shoulders not the hips (but some hip). Thats what I have been thought.
On your cross you turn your hip and crouch.
the bad thing about turning your hips when jabing is you do whats called chicken winging, and you tellegraph. hips in to it will give more power, how ever a jab is to set up not to ko and if you tellegraph in your set up then thats not good so play with it and find what you want more a snaping jab to set up shots or more punishing shots.
Some use hip movement to power a jab, some use foot movement (pushing off the back leg) some use both and some use neither. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. Basically, using your hips makes your jab slightly slower and noticeably more powerful. But to use your hips you have to be more square with your opponent, which makes defending against strikes more difficult. Boxers will throw a jab with basically no hip at all because of the sideways stance they us. In MMA, your stance is more square, some people are even completely square with their opponent. Bas Rutten likes to be entirely square and doesn't consider his left to be a jab, but rather a full on straight punch, since he uses his hips entirely with each punch.
kinda like how vitors 1-2s on silva were'nt jabs. they were straights from a southpaw stance