Blocking body shots?


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Aug 19, 2004
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I have a lot of boxing experience and now in Muay Thai sparring with much taller opponents its harder to block bodyshots coz the hands must be so high to avoid attacks. I have really tender ribs and body(ive trained them extremely hard and long they are still really vulnerable) and i watch guys in K-1 like McDonald and Bonjasky and im like wow they leave their entire body open when they put their hands up. I need some way to protect my body better in Muay Thai.
Dip lower at the knees? Not I ideal I guess with high kicks flying at your head but its either that or drop your hands. Turn with the shot as well to lessen the impact i.e. roll with it.
my stance is more traditional thai stance. both hands in front of my face, facing towards my opponent, left in front, right behind it just right below my eye (im a righty) and my elbows are kind of tucked to where its easy to block a body shot. just tuck your elbows. my hands facing the opponent makes it easy to deflect straight punches.
Sounds similar too my preferred stance. Actually, mine is fairly similar to a Western boxing stance. Like xthrasherx said, elbows stay close to the body (tucked) to help block body shots.