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    Jun 9, 2005
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    Southern California
    Black Belt magazine will be holding its FIRST ever convention at the Universal Sheraton in Unversal city California. Legends Like Gokor Chyvichian, Gene LeBell, Benny "The Jet", Cesar Gracie, Don Frye, Dan Severn, and many others will be at attendence giving their legendary seminars. A MUST SEE. CRYOGEL will have 2 booths 1 Main Cryogel Booth and Cryogel at Gokors Booth. Anyone who comes to the Booth to purchase the product and mentions Sher-Dog will receive 20% off the product on the spot.

    Here is all the info for the Convention.

    Hope to see you there,
    Michael Crawford
    National Sales Manager
    Vitaminerals Inc / Cryogel
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    HugeJuge, this might get more response in the MMA Discussion, mod's please move this and sticky in MMA Discussion...

    *wait for an active mod*

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Nah, being that it's about something that pertains to products that's not necessarily a supplement, it can stay here.

    Plus, putting it in the MMA Discussion would garner a lot of "gay...end of thread" responses, which no one cares to read.

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