Bjj White Drunk

I've never drank and rolled, but knowing me it was mostly because I had to drive home.
I've gotta be honest rolling when drunk is Genius!

I'm the smallest out of all of my mates, ( most of them are bodybuilders) and we go on a lads holiday pretty much every summer for week of partying and shananigans.

Anyway on night when we where getting back to the hotel i decided that we should have a sub grappleing comp and with them all outweighing me by 2-3 stone they though it would be a walk over. :icon_chee

as it played out i was getting taken down pretty much straight away so had to work sweeps from the bottom but as big as they where here in the UK pretty much nobody wrestles so they didn't know how to base or use efectivce ground control so i'd flip them so i ended up in side control work to mount and then armbar from the top!

i landed this on all 4 of them ( all the fights had pretty much the same pattern) so byb the end of it i felt like a cross between Rickson and BMA_Mat :icon_chee

and all this was before i started training BJJ properly and just what i had picked up from watching MMA.

That gave me all the motivation i needed to enroll in a school and lean the techniques for real!

there really is nothing like whooping your roided up mates and making them look silly! lol
Lol white drunk haha. What makes this thread even more beautiful is that the TS is the same guy that wanted to break the shit out of someones arm or something. Though I wanted to post before his thread got closed. If you wanna do some real damage, do a heelhook or kneebar. And don't go to jail......
I find VegasFighter threads highly entertaining. Dude you should start your own blog. I can only guess at the adventures you embark upon. How's the arm project going.
I stopped the rolling with my friends while drunk thing after about six months of training. I always ended up getting hurt. Training is for the gym.
i smoke chronic before i roll but i would NEVER drink before rolling...
There's a guy who trains at my school who I am pretty sure is sometimes buzzed, if not drunk when he trains. I used to work in bars and restaurants and I'm pretty good at spotting people who are loaded on the down low. And no Frodo, I won't tell you who it is.
Since I've been training I only was able to convince one person to wrestle me when I was drunk. I bet him $20 that he couldn't last 60 seconds. He agreed and I threw on my compression shorts and cup and we went at it.

The results were mixed. Within in 10 seconds I had him 1 arm in, 1 arm out and I really couldn't tell you how I got there as i remember thinking I was going to guillotine him when he tried to take me down. Instead I fell back to and put him in 1 arm in, 1 arm out. That's the good part, pure instinct got me in a good position. Unfortunately, I was too drunk to be able to finish as he stood up and slammed me a few times. I eventually switched to a belly down armbar, but time ran out before I could get the tap and I lost $20!!! ugh.

The next day he had to tell his work he got mugged because he had two black eyes from slamming me with his face against my cup and he couldn't move his arm for a few days!!!
i used to roll drunk @ my crib after watching pride or ufc. after diaz beat gomi i ended up pulling off a gogoplata on my friend who was also doing bjj with me at the time. and recently after the lesnar/mirr i was pissed he lost and was like ill take any1 in jiujitsu and this huge 230 pound guy said he would take me and i ended up gettin him in a leglock. lol i got a funny video of it ill try to post it soon.