BJJ warm up exercises


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Oct 14, 2005
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Hi everyone,

I went to a BJJ class...I loved the technical side of the class. The warm up exercises left me feeling like a fool. I couldnt do a side roll properly, actually i couldnt even do a front roll properly. Anways im going back there but this time ive been trying to get my bro to teach me how to do a side roll/forward roll properly.

He tells me that I keep on landing on my back too harshly when doing a forward roll and jumping rather than rolling over, And i am findind side rolls impossible. Could someone please write down instructions on how to do a proper forward and a proper side roll? My bro cant seem to pick out what im doing wrong just that it looks/sounds wrong cos theres a thud when i land. I know your all probably laughing at my spasticity but I dont know why i find these 2 things so hard to do. I was practising earlier...ive got a headache now and a sore upper back.

Any help would be appreciated.

Try rolling on your shoulder rather on your head. gahhhhh its really hard to explain but I have also had the same problem. watching others roll in class and warm up will also help.
What do you mean by side roll? Never heard that expression in 4 years of BJJ.
Check out, there are photos & animations of proper rolls & breakfalls (called ukemi in judo).
Relax...nobody can do rolls properly when they first start BJJ. Hell, noobs can't do anything correctly when they start BJJ, or most any other sport for that matter.

Just keep going to class, asking your instructor or other guys to help you out, practice at home, and stick with it. You'll get it eventually.

Don't feel like a fool because you don't seem to be doing it as well as more advanced guys.
Feel like a fool for expecting to do it as well as they do, when you're just a noob.
Keep going to class. It will come to you. Don't give up. Cheers
Look up Granby roll on you tube. Good 2009 video by Ricky Lundell. Motion is used constanty in modern sport jiu jitsu in form of berimbolos etc. You really need to be able to roll from shoulder to shoulder in both directions to do jiu jitsu today.
A little tip for the side rolls (going inverted), try keeping your toes on the mat as roll. You probably won't be able to for a while but just attempting to keep your toes on the mat through the roll will help you get up on your shoulders and stay in a straight line.