BJJ videos?


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Apr 3, 2008
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Sorry if this is the wrong section but....

I'm in the last quarter of my undergrad studies and will be attending UW school of law in the fall. I also work part-time at a homo depot.

As of mid-March I have been attending which is nearby my apt.

The problem is - I have so little time for BJJ with school, work and extracurricular activities.

I really don't know if I will obtain my blue belt before mid -Sept. Even with summer break upon us - I'm not sure.

So I pose this question to member on the forum: Should I supplement my BJJ training with instructional videos? And if so which video(s) are recommended?

Jeff is a cool guy and instructor but I feel asking him this question is like a slap to his face atm.

So opinions?

Whos jeff?

Also if you are just starting to train BJJ now, I highly doubt you would be able to get your blue belt by September try the earliest being April of next year especially judging the belt curriculum on the website.

Also youtube what ever you want to find on BJJ, just search something