BJJ training at home??


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Apr 2, 2008
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Hey I am starting to train at home as well as the gym... What kind of equipment would you suggest on getting. I have a 80lb bag and my brother who also takes BJJ to beat up. Of course I am getting mats but anything else out of the ordinary that you have found to be useful that I will not have to max out a credit card for?
a grappling dummy there fun to use and warm up with.
who sells good dummies? mats?

ya I have my brother but I think a dum would be good so we can critique eachothers positions and techniques better if we are not the one getting our asses beat.
just search online, but beware, mats are expensive man for real.
Mats are stupid expensive!

If you're looking for bags, you might try Combat Sports or Title MMA. The cost is decent, but the shipping can get expensive - be sure you CALL about the shipping cost if you decide to go with one of them.

Of course, if you're pre-shopping, in May we'll have a bunch of new products; especially bags, and all with accurate shipping -- but I didn't tell you that yet.

Shameless plug. I know.

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