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Jan 25, 2006
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I've gone to three BJJ school's in LA for the beginner intro class. Since I don't have any experience in BJJ I wanted to ask what are your opinions on the quality of instruction and quality of students at the following schools: Rickson's Academy, Rey Diogo's Academy, and John Machado's Academy. Looking through each academy's webpage it looks like they are all extremely well qualified. I'm looking for a "no nonsense" and hard working school and it was hard for me to get much of an impression after just one into class. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, Torrance and the Valley are too far for me to commute.

Many thanks.
Those three are all great choices I can tell u that, I have never attended any of those schools but thier reputations speak for themselves, regardless of what you choose you will walk a way a winner.
I train at John Machado's. Honestly all three are going to have great instruction. I really like the attitude of everyone at John's though -- great guys, fun attitude. Also the location is right by my apartment.

So I might make the choice based on things like convenience to get there and class times. You won't regret training at any of them, the instruction is world class.
Without a doubt, the most important thing IMO is to find the school CLOSEST to where you live (assuming all 3 are qualified, which they are).
He speaks the truth. Of the three, the best one is going to be the one you can get to the most often. I left Rickson's because I switched jobs and could never make it anymore after work.
I agree with the locations thing, now that Im a bit farther away from my current school, its just a pain and hassle at times.

And Im in LA too, and just the traffic makes things horrendous at times.
If only all are problems were like that. "Hmm, i must choose between 3 awesome BJJ schools. What ever shall i do?"
Eddie Bravo's school 10th Planet BJJ is also within your area search and would be worth checking out. (I also train at John Machado's and really like it.)
You should go to all three.........Once a week at each place. That's three times a week. Then come tounament time you can put all three of their names on your school affiliation. Then you'll have three people cornering you at at each match!!!!
Funny, the Shawn Willams school is 2 blocks from my apartment... I had no idea.
Will have to look for it when I walk to work.
bammann45 said:
Funny, the Shawn Willams school is 2 blocks from my apartment... I had no idea.
Will have to look for it when I walk to work.

Damn, live in LA, walk to work, and now learn that Hollywood BJJ is 2 blocks from your apartment!?!?!?!

Life is tuff for some people, I guess...