BJJ, offense or defense


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Apr 9, 2005
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I had only 3 months of training of bjj, had to stop due to conflicting schedule of bjj class and work. I plan to start training again this coming Decmeber. I do not have any experience in grappling competitions but if i do alright in class, i plan to enter in the future.

During those 3 months of training, i sparred with blue belts and white belts. When i sparred against white belts with less than 6 months of training, i tend to go more on the offensive. But when i go against more experienced white belts and blue belts, i tend to go on the defensive, looking for them to make a mistake where i can capitalize. I do not like to say this but i had mostly losses, but a few wins.

My question is which one r u in both sparring and tournaments?

Offensive BJJ: Attacking the guy to submit him or at least score points.
Defensive BJJ: Waiting for your opponent to make a mistake that u can capitalize.

And which works better?
when you're rolling with a more experienced guy you're almost always going to be on the defensive. they always seem a few steps ahead of you.

i think you always want to be offensive in that you're looking for a better position or a sub. there's not much merit in laying back in your guard and waiting for an opportunity that might not happen. you should always be trying to improve your current position.
Agreed. When I roll with white or blue belts my plan is to get the best position possible then work for a submission. When I roll with the purple, brown, or black belts I have the same plan but it never really seems to work out that way. I can survive their attacks and not get submitted right away but all of my energy and concentration is focused on the defense. I can never seem to generate enough momentum to go on the offensive.
Learn both. I liek the defensive game more since it mentally psychs out opponents when you capitalize on theri weaknesses
i am mostly offensive minded in both tourney and training, just gotta learn when you can do this and when you can't. Example, I'm mounted or in opponents half/full guard i go more defensive, but if our rolls are reversed im always offensive no matter belt color. If you worry about belt color then you should think of it as maybe your a little intimidated by that and work on that first
BabyPhenom said:
Learn both. I liek the defensive game more since it mentally psychs out opponents when you capitalize on theri weaknesses

I love guard because people have such a tough time with my guard for some reason. They always get all angry and tired trying to pass it then inevitibly they put their forearm on my throat...the old push on his elbow and armbar. I love it...