BJJ in Vero Beach, FL?


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Oct 5, 2005
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Hey what's up all. Anybody know of any good BJJ schools in the Vero Beach, Florida, area? I might be moving there from L.A. (where BJJ schools are easy to come by)...Thanks!
I cant quite recall where Vero Beach is. Its on the east coast of the state near West Palm Beach, right? I know in southern Florida there are quite a few school. A buddy of mine trains in West Palm Beach, and i know there a few school in Ft Lauderdale, as well as miami. Go to Gene Simco's site, i think its to search for schools.

isnt American Top Team in Cocoa close to there?
My girlfirned goes to flight school in Vero, I just got back from visiting her.

You should train at American Top Team in Port St. Lucie.

UFC veteran Din Thomas is the instructor and he runs a great class, I had a blast training there.