BJJ in Santa Barbara


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Feb 26, 2007
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I am moving to Santa Barbara in a little while, and was wondering if anyone knew where a better place to train was, Rodrigo Clark, or Paragon?
I would say Paragon, judging by the beasts they've produced.

But, I live in Massachusetts. WTF do I know?
I've heard both places are good. Paragon is more expensive but they have some great competitors coming out of there. I think it would be worth the price.
Paragon....hands down
I trained there and the experience is always unbelievable.
Paragon has produced some amazing people that they have trained from scratch like Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper. So not only do they have great people training, they also train people to become great. Again, I live in NY and don't know anything about the other school... but I do know paragon is one of the best academies in the country.
Paragon...hands down...where else would you have access to so many great people and competitors(Franjinha is the man and when Cooper and Glover are there it is like a seminar with a world champion black belt every night of the week) the new gym is like 5,200 sq ft with showers and weight room...