BJJ in/near Carlstadt NJ?


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Aug 7, 2003
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Looking for a school to train at while I'm up there for the next few weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The closest I've found is Performance Jiujitsu, about 9 miles away.
where in nj is carlstadt? havent ever heard of it.

anyway, whenever someone asks for bjj in the nj area i gotta give props to David Adiv. he's located in fairfield now. he's royler's #1 guy in the states (black belt obviously), has done very well in mundials and pan ams, and has been a judo blackbelt for over 20 years. also, performance jiu jitsu recently brought him in their place to do a seminar.

imo, he is the best instruction in nj. he's really articulate and explains techniques well. he also does throws in the beginning of most classes and talks about the little details that very few bjjers will know. he taught most of the classes during my brief stay there last summer, and if not his top brown belt, jason tabor, is absolutely sick - not only that, but jason rolls with everyone after class, and rolling with a really really good brownbelt every class is an awesome experience.

to there!
Thx for the reply. Carlstadt NJ in the 07072 zip. The place where I'll be is located close to the Teterboro airport. Trying to find a place where I dont have to drive too far due to my lack of knowledge of the area.
according to mapquest, carlstadt is 16 miles away from unless you think the extra 7 miles arent worth it, id train with david

id never think of bashing any academy because i respect anyone who loves jj and trains it, and i dont know shit about performance jiu jitsu except they are one of the teams that fucking floods grapplers quest and all wear the same sweatshirt - but theyre importing a blackbelt to do a seminar......why not just train at the blackbelt's academy? GO TO DAVID'S, its the better academy.

also, its kinda wierd cause he has moved a lot and only retained his advanced/ more committed students. so you will be in classes where purple belts outnumber whitebelts. often brown belts outnumber whitebelts!
Thx a lot for the info man. I think I'll definitely try out David's school once, if he allows me to. Its about 19 miles to drive there so I worry a bit about getting lost, but I will give it a shot.
good stuff man, you wont regret it. ill actually be training there myself next week cause im home from school for a couple weeks before fall semester starts. maybe ill see you belt with blue gameness or white dragao gi.

cheers boss