BJJ in Glen Burnie MD? Noel Smith?


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Dec 27, 2012
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Does anyone here train there? I can't find any information on the guy and it appears to be the only gym in Glen Burnie. Thanks in advance.
There's the Garfield school down Rt 2 in Arnold. It's not bad, and he gets some decent seminars.
I trained with Noel Smith back in 2003-2005; he was a brown belt then. He is a good coach. He was tough and cared for his students. The Aggressive pressure top game I use still can be attributed, in part to him. Things may have changed from almost ten years ago; but I'd say its worth a shot. Let me know how things are with him now. I would love to get back and train with him one day.
I recently just signed up there for Muay Thai. Dustin is an amazing Muay Thai coach. Noel is a great guy. I only have been there twice (check my post about starting), and have enjoyed it thoroughly. What I love about the place, is they are not afraid to push you and make you go for it. Also, I am there for muay Thai, and we PRACTICE Muay Thai meaning we immediately put techniques to work. I have seen there BJJ guys in action and even the new guys can do some serious rollin.

Let me know how it goes!