BJJ in Buffalo NY

i trained with this instructor for a few months, he knows his shit thats for sure. If you got the extra cash i also recomend him. Its a little pricy but he is (last time i checked) a purple directly under Carlson so its definately worth it.
he is definently under carlson gracie sr. It was my honor to train with Prof. Gracie and Chuck for two days in Jamestown. I was also fortunate enough to watch the UFC with them. I don't think that the prices are high especially for the quality of instruction that is provided. If anyone has any questions PM me or ask chuck at his site this is a great opportunity for all WNYers.
No doubt, Calrson's a cool dude, damn guy even stole my BBQ sause at dinner one night and gave me his brocolli instead, now that was a funny moment there. Chuck is great and the rest of the guys that roll there are awsome guys, if your neer Jamestown or apparently Buffalo check it out. I was'nt trashing the prices one bit, i was just saying for the casual person it would seem like a steep amount. Also watching UFC with Carlson is great cause he constantly pointed out how crapy everyones BJJ was...he went nuts when Travis Lutter, a black belt under Machado got tapped by Lindland..good times
north buffalo over here. havn't really been able 2 find ne good bjj instructors over here. been boxing 4 about 8 years and i 've been lookin 4 bjj classes 4 a minute. ur guess is as good as mine.
pitbull what do u mean when u say your guess is as good as mine?
Murdoch said:
pitbull what do u mean when u say your guess is as good as mine?

sorry thought u post said u were tryin 2 find bjj classes.
pibull just out of curiosity where were you boxing?
Pitbull, Carlson Gracie Team is starting classes in Buffalo next month. Contact me to sign up, [email protected]

HornforPrez, Whats up Kyle, how have you been?
Heya Chuck, been well...loseing some weight and geting into good shape for once, glad to hear about the school in Buffalo, hopefully allot of people show up to learn. I'll be back someday lol...i'm accualy moving to fredonia in a few months and wondered how many classes a week u will be teaching in Buffalo ??

I want to eventually offer classes at least 3 times a week in Buffalo. Whatever the demand is, I'll meet it. I'll be teaching a class in Fredonia at the college too. A few of the guys from the grappling club there come down to Jamestown once a week to train and have asked me to come up once a week to teach there. Also working on starting an accredited class at SUNY Fredonia for next semester.
Murdoch said:
pibull just out of curiosity where were you boxing?

northwest in tonawanda 4 a bit, b4 i lived in freemont california and trained under my uncle.
Wanted to let you all know that i just got an update from Chuck

"I will be teaching classes at Barkley's TaeKwonDo at 887 Prospect Avenue (corner of Hampshire & Prospect) Buffalo, NY on Mondays from 6:30pm-7:45pm. First class will be November 7th and class size is limited to 10 people. To sign up for this class contact me via e-mail.
I will also be teaching a class at Flips Gymnastics, 6017 S. Transit Rd, Lockport, NY on Fridays from 6:30-7:45pm. First class will be November 4th. We will be giving an introductory class at this location on either October 21st or October 28th. For more info or to sign up for this class, contact Teresa Schuster at Flips 433-8811. "