bjj hoodie



ive seen some guys wearing a bjj hoodie. i cant find a picture of the back of it online, but i know it says pedro sauer on it and has a decent size logo on the back. anyone know where to get it? ive checked his online store but dont see it.
Really? Odd, I've got 2 Pedro Sauer BJJ hoodies that sport his logo. It's the small logo on the chest, the large version on the back. Try the link below:

Pedro Sauer Hoodie Link
the one i saw is black w/ the green logo(see. your avatar pic) on the back. hmmmm
Contact Mike Horihan at [email protected]. He's Pedro's merchandise person, I believe. You can also call 'em at 865-696-8000. Mike has been cool with me always.

As for the logo'd sweatshirt... it sounds like it was likely just a gi patch sewn onto a regular zip/hoodie. If you trim the patch's extra border down and just sew around the dark blue edge, it would look pretty decent. Our instructor took this approach for one and it doesn't come across as "home made".