BJJ Blue Belt - How to get it, if you are not part of a school, but............



let's say I attend classes where I am not a member but pay by the day at drop by at various places like Renzo, and other BJJ schools across the state. When I roll, I am able to submit most of the white belts and I would like to move on to the blue belt classes. How do I test for it? I am not a member at any of these schools and they may only see me once a month, but that doesn't mean that I am not training at other places.
You will probably just have to settle down and train at one place.
How does one GIVE ANY belt above white? If you were an instructor, you'd only give it to someone that you KNEW was consistently capable of performing at that belt level, when rolling/competing against others with that same colored belt. Giving someone a belt means that you vouch for their skills, now and forever, and that you're comfortable with them representing you and your particular type of instruction.
That's what makes BJJ so much more legit than other martial arts that use belts. There IS no "test." You just gotta prove to an instructor that you've got what it takes. And that can't be proved to an instructor in just one day, or from a visit here and there. Don't get me may very well be capable of performing at blue level at any and every competition/class/open mat session. But that doesn't entitle you to a belt. Of course, you can go out and buy your own blue belt. But only when a qualified instructor GIVES it to you does it mean that it is LEGIT in the eyes of other BJJ practitioners.
You have to kill a blue belt and eat his heart. Then you will have it.
Weonlywonsixtwo said:
You can buy one from for 15 bux.

I'll refer you to the post above yours, which was more helpful to me :wink:
Just because you can tap whites does not make you a blue. There is more to the belt than that. Technical expertise is one component, ability to dominate lower belts consistently is another. But to figure out what else is needed I suggest you attend regular classes with a competent instructor.

That being said, you can always enroll in seminars and hope/pray that someone *coughroycecough* gives you one.
You should get your blue for being able to hang with blue belts, not tapping whitebelts "here and there". Also where do you live? There are surley schools by your area.
DMcKayBJJ said:
Don't get me may very well be capable of performing at blue level at any and every competition/class/open mat session.
My advice is to get to this point first and stop worrying about it.