BJJ Biography or Books


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Mar 25, 2007
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I'm wanting to pick up some new stuff to read pretty soon, and would very much like for some of it to be grappling related. Are there any books written by grapplers out there that just cover parts of their lives or their training? Genki Sudo has a book that seems very interesting, although not about grappling, that is impossible to find anywhere. The one place I found it on has it listed as out of stock :|

Anyway, any good reading material would be great. I'm not looking for any technique books. Thanks.
There's The Gracie Way, which is effectively a biography of the Gracie family. Not exactly objective, given that Kid Peligro is a friend of the family, but still entertaining.

Awesome. That's exactly the kind of thing i am looking for. Any more?
Well there are alot of books on technique. go on's store. There is Marcelo Garcia's X-guard book which looks very very good, The Path to the black belt by Rodrigo Gracie and Kid Peligro which is an excellent book, MMA The Book of Knowledge by BJ Penn, Mastering the Rubber Guard by Eddie Bravo and Mastering the Twister by Eddie Bravo. Grappler's nutrition. lot of good books by the Gracies too.