bisping gets hurt a lot, can he his chin really hold up tonight?


Oct 18, 2007
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wand, kang, akiyama, stann, sinosic, hendo all at some point were able to hurt or drop bisping.

This is a horrible style match up for him.

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can't see it, bisping gets rocked in every fight... vitor by tko in the first.
Nope. If Belfort hurts him he's going to finish it.

I just hope it will be as memorable as the Hendo KO.
This is a chin battle. Head movement and juke and jiving will be key. Who's chin will stand among the masses victorious. :icon_lol: Stay tuned.
Vitor is being criminally underrated for this fight, I think he starches Bisping quite easily.
Bisping certainly can't afford to have a bad first round like he normally does that's for sure. It's a dangerous fight for him, he can win this if he fights smart though.
Nope not against Vitor.

If Vitor rocks him it's going to be over.
When Belfort connects he'll finish Bisping quickly. Vitor has one of the best finishing rates in the a shark with blood in the water.

Anything less than a R1 KO will be disappointing.
Thats the big question, if he get hurt he will probably be finished but if he can avoid that he should be able to win. Very interesting fight
Hendo and Nick Diaz gets hurt in a lot of fights, too.