Big guy Gi - UK


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May 9, 2012
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Most of the recommendations for big guy gi's seem to be for US based companies.

What are the options in the UK?

Am 6"6 260 pounds.

I currently wear Tatami but would like to try something else.
Asked them about their size. Don't really understand the chart on their website.

Most companies A5 are comparable to Tatami A4, so have to be careful, or it will look like I'm wearing gi material shorts after a couple of washes.
I really like the look of Strike Fightwear's He2 gi, but haven't read any reviews on it. I believe they are based out of the UK.

The are about to release a new gi, too, that they have been posting about on their FB page.
Doesn't Made4Fighters carry Fuji gis? Fuji A6 is pretty big.