Big Country Vs Cain ....

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Aug 22, 2004
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after Cain gets koed by JDS again.

Be nice way to see where Roy Nelson stands in the HW.

sorry but why is cain even getting another chance

easy money for JDS
Cain via 3 round ground and pound domination or 3rd round TKO
Nice idea for a fight and Roy has a good chance of winning this.
sorry but why is cain even getting another chance

easy money for JDS

You seem pretty confident that a JDS win is inevitable. I favor him, but think it will be more of a test than you seem to, and I think it will be an interesting fight.
Knowing Dana's hate for Big Country, I wouldn't be surprised if this fight happened.
I would be interested in this fight. Not as much as Cain vs Cormier but Nelson is insanely tough and does surprise me in the cage. Might be a fight for Cain to lose
Cain would win by UD, probably 30-26 or worse.
Yeah,..i dont think roy can KO cain from his back.

Also, cain will beat dos santos.
lol at Cain vs JDS being a mismatch and then saying we should see Cain vs Nelson. Oh man are some people bad at evaluating fighters.
Cain does not have better hands then Roy....
Would be an interesting fight, for sure, but I don't see how Roy could stay off his back. It'd probably be a pretty lopsided decision win for Cain.
Like Cain but no I cannot see it happening JDS to fast to strong to smart.
Nelson by first round KO to Cain's glass jaw.