Better 16oz training glove


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Feb 8, 2007
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Hey all, I just wanted an opinion on which 16+ oz training glove is better for bag work only. I am looking at the Fairtex Heavy hitter vs the Windy hook and loop Training in 16oz. I will use them only on the heavy bag so which will hold up longer etc..

I have not used either but from other people's experience's at the gym and on here it seems that the 2 brands are very comparable. The price point is a big difference between the two so if you can't decide between the two I would go with the much cheaper windy's. Personally I am going to be picking these in the next week or so. A little more than the Windy's but good all purpose gloves.
You shouldn't be using your 16oz gloves on a heavy bag. It will drastically shorten the life of those gloves. I have the Windy hook and loop and I love them.
I thought those windy and fairtex that I posted are all purpose and good to use on heavy bag?
Both of them look like good choices. If I had to pick between those two and I'd be using them just for bagwork, since I'm a HW I'd probably go with the Fairtex Heavy Hitters, but you can't go wrong with the Windy's and they'd be a good choice too. If you're not a really heavy hitter, you could probably save some bucks and go with the Windys.

I'm going to be using 16oz CSI Thai-Style Training gloves for bag and padwork, as per recommendations of a very wise man (Boomer, got them at, and they look similar to the Windy training gloves.

how about the KO fightgear gloves at 16oz. ? for $35 , they are kind of sturdy

oh yea I gots these now :icon_chee