Beta Alanine in liquid


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Jul 3, 2007
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I'm curious if there are any downsides to keeping beta alanine in a liquid for up to a day. Namely, a sports drink with carbs and protein.
No idea man. I'm under the impression it should be consumed after mixing, but that's just my "gut".

There are pills too, if that helps.
Yeh, I've had the pills before. I was just wondering cause I mix my peri workout shakes ahead of time and would like to throw some BA in there. I'll just put a half teaspoon on my tongue before the gym until I find out something definitive. I thought maybe it could break down or lose effectiveness after a while, though. I know it is absorbed in the body extremely quickly, due to how little time it takes to get tingles from it.
well, it is believed that creatine takes the time-line of a few days to go bad in liquid.

general rule on stuff like this is that a hours to a day should be fine, but it's best and no need to worry if you take it instantly.

just like in most things, too much of anything is bad, and not enough is also bad. find the balance..