Best way to improve blocking

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Oct 17, 2005
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i have been doing muay thai/kickboxing for about 5months now, i have progressed in my power and my striking techniques but i still feel that i am very weak in my blocking...I have just started to spare and i did ok...

because i have never really been hit before i was still trying to get over the fear of being hit lol but i am used to it now but i am sstill lacking in my blocking...

what are some good drills and exercise to imnprove this?
Boxing will make you learn pretty fast.
have someone throw punches at u and the only thing u can do is block. start off slow and work up and maybe work some kicks in there as well.
Is this for mma or muay thai? Blocking kicks is fine but trying to block punches is pretty stupid in mma. Best thing to do is get in there and spar, experience is the best teacher in almost all cases.
crooked gave some good advice, your coach should already be having you do stuff like that.
perfy said:
trying to block punches is pretty stupid in mma.

eh? why ? i disagree. its good to block punches , otherwise u might get hit !
You said you have just started to spar, right? When you're hitting the bags, the focus mitts or shadowboxing you don't have to worry about being hit, and often times fighters will neglect any defensive practice while working these things. Once you step into the ring and spar it's a whole new game, but don't get discouraged! After a few weeks of sparring and a concious effort to improve your defense, you'll feel natural and very smooth parrying, blocking, catching and slipping incoming strikes. Keep up the good work and keep at it. Let us know how you're progressing!

Also, crooked gave some good advice - work a few rounds without throwing a single strike, focus on your defense. Work to remain calm under pressure and comfortable when being attacked.
crooked said:
have someone throw punches at u and the only thing u can do is block. start off slow and work up and maybe work some kicks in there as well.

this is a great way to learn blocking but you're going to have to learn how to counter as well
I have a similar problem, because, although I've been hit in the face and body, it's never been hard enough to really get over that fear of the hard punch that will rock me. I got kicked to the mid-section, once, and it blow the breath right out of me. Also, I got clocked by a haymaker because I got a little cocky.

I've been learning to slip punches more, and use angles to stay out of the way and counter, rather than moving straight back.
I have been hit pretty hard sometimes (coz myhands drop lol) but just getting used to bloicking properly and incorporate ducking and weaving...any good drills that i can on my own to practise

like a shadow boxing routines that incorporate blocking and weaving???
just practice sparring lots of rounds and get a decent trainer the shows you good technique not just throws you in a ring as a punching bag
Stand near against a wall and have your partner be able to circle and throw punches at you. This is a drill that is done a lot in the MMA classes at my school.
keep sparring, that'be the best wasy to get used to it
Try the infamous cover block. Its easy to use in Muay Thai because the fore-arms are already in an outward position for the basic stance. Just bring your palm over your ear while raising your knee on the side that attack is comming. Classic and safe block. I like to follow up by countering with my L-bow that is already up and charging in: aiming at his face with the L-bow which would result in him blocking. Then attack with a low kick. Works every time.
KingTino said:
All i can say is Crazy monkey Defence... like Quinton Rampage Jackson.. easiest and most effective way to block in my opinion...

Rodney king teaches this system...
check out

Really awesome stuff...

We should perhaps not overhype it so we get the old timers pissed of and starting to rip it apart on sight..;) Its not a magic bullet or a perfect solution for every situation.

But I agree that it is a an awsome system for a mma practitioner and propably the fastest way to get a new practitioner ready for sparing. Good stuff.