best way to get quick healthy meals?


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Jun 12, 2008
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ok this summer i will be working alot from like 9-3 then il be doing mma at 530 my only problem is id be at the gym by like 7am so i can get a good breakfast and dinner but throughout the day im pretty hung out to dry. any suggestions on quick snacks i can sneak while im working im looking at soy beans or peanuts. etc. and what can i bring for lunch that can carry my through the day until i get home at like 8pm is their any motivation tips you can give me as well.
I suggest going to and reading up on articles involving food preparation strategies. It's simple to make easy foods beforehand and transport them with you, or make the occassional super shake and throw it in your bag.
I run into the same problem with going to work from 6-4 then gym 5-9...Start off with a quality breakfast ex) Oatmeal w/ fruit and or eggs or protein shake...quick snacks to eat while at work are great such as almonds, dried fruits, apple, banana, pb, tuna packets. For lunch a good example would be a lean meat with green vegetables and some sort of carb such as potato or brown rice all pre made and you can just microwave it...snack throughout the day on the same things I listed before...before I go to the gym personally I drink a sugar free red bull just because I am that tired, that isnt the most ideal thing but it gets me through the workout and day. Good luck training.
Plan out your meals, grill your veggies (or just toss a salad or eat veggies raw) and meats the night before or morning of on an indoor grill. Pack and take with you.

Nuts are good, I tend to have fruit on hand as well.
Yogurt, Almonds, Peanut Butter Sandwich on whole grain bread... Since we know nothing about you its hard to recommend a diet...