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Apr 25, 2006
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Looking to take a ski trip someplace with the gf in March. Just going to be us 2 going. I have taken a few trips in college to Brekenridge through, but those trips are more price oriented for larger groups. Ive stayed in Aspen and Keystone, but at friends condos for free. Could use some help putting together a package for 2. Heres what I am looking for:

-Not super busy like Breck/Vail
-Fun non skiing stuff to do (my gf skis but not avidly)
-Nice accomodations for a couple
-Reasonably priced
-Factor in that we are flying from Chicago

Any ideas? Are resort websites the best bet, or is there a good website with package deals?
Thanks for the suggestion, but I was more thinking of someplace out west. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, someplace like that.
I actually worked for vail resorts at keystone and stay away from any vail resorts owned/operated anything if you want to save money, aspen as well. I live in summit county colorado and if i was on a budget I would get a plane ticket and stay in an off resort hotel in dillon/frisco from expedia/orbitz. Dont stay at the resort. Shuttle it out here from the airport for $40. There is a free bus system once you get here. Lift tickets can be bought at a discounted rates at the grocery store and im sure online. I would have guests have package deals over $10k sometimes. What a waste of money I would think as I would hand them the keys to there suites. I would look into copper mountain and visit breck, dont stay there. The free bus will take you to all of these places. Wolf creek is further down south and they get a ton of snow, way more than vail resorts. Jackson hole might be a good option to look into as well, but can get pricey. Lots of people here advertise their weekend get away pad on craigslist.

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