Best (relatively) inexpensive 16oz sparring gloves?


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Apr 2, 2011
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I just joined a new gym, mainly for BJJ. However, they also offer kickboxing/striking classes which I intend on starting soon. I've been using some pretty shitty Everlast gloves for my bag work at home, but want to upgrade to a nicer pair for the gym.

I was told that 14oz is the lightest they allow, but figure 16oz will be the way to go. I want to stay in the $50-$70 if possible, while getting something of decent quality. Might be willing to spend a little more to get something that will last me longer. Any recommendations?

I was looking at some Boons, but keep hearing they are hit or miss on the quality and width.
KO and Cageside are both good for N. American suppliers. Great service from Cageside everytime.

If you want Thai style gloves, you can probably find some Top King, Twins or Fairtex for about $80 or under (look on Muay Thai fighting/ebay).
Another vote for KOFG! best $40 you can spend on gloves p4p :

But they are out of stock right now on 16oz gloves and only have 12s. Presumably you need the 16s for sparring. It is generally recommended to have a different set of 12s and 16s, but right now one good pair of 16s is going to be fine for you starting out in my opinion.

For twice as much you could get some of the IMF gloves

And like Centaur said gloves made in Thailand are always a really good way to go if you can find them within your price range and if durability is your top concern.
ring to cage mim 59.99 on amazon on par with any glove outside of the 350 dollar winnings
ring to cage mim 59.99 on amazon on par with any glove outside of the 350 dollar winnings

Didn't know it was on Amazon (free saver shipping ftw), but that's a good deal.
I'll definitely check those out. I'll probably go with the safety strap pair.

Thanks for the info so far everyone.
also Victory Athletics sparring gloves by Golden Gear. I switch between these and the KO's I listed earlier.
I went with the ring to cage in 16. But I'm definitely looking at the KOs in a 12 now.