best / proper headbutt technique?

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by dangermonkey, Jan 12, 2006.

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    a long ass time ago muay thai allowed headbutts... or so i've read.

    i ask this primarily in a self-defense interest: what is the best/proper/most effective way to throw a headbutt?

    i've seen acouple of bas' workout vids, and even some clips of jlb training, and there's a tiny portion on the subject. i remeber bas saying somthing about being careful with the headbuts because you very well could end up hitting the guys head with your nose (not good). then i've seen le banner (jokingly, it seems)headbutting a heavybag.

    so, any tips? how do i strike someone with the head? are there any drills for working on this? what's the best position (not a la coleman in the guard, i'm curious about standing).

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    the video i saw of bas, he comes straight forward with his head and not at a down angle using his neck muslces

    i dont know rent a ufc or pride with mark coleman in it before it was made illegal
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    Theres a variety of ways to butt,some better than others.It can be done from the side,ie left to right the more traditional up,back and drop head forwards and down which is the one bas doesnt recommend or the slightly safer one of coming upwards and forwards using the crown of your head to impact with his(her?) generate power by moving forward using a falling step motion(moving your lead foot forward a couple of inches) and/or by driving off of your rear foot at same time.Ensure your neck muscles are built up with bridging etc and other exercises and build up to head butting slowly as its easy to damage your neck if not conditionned correctly.If your are aware of what a fence is in self defence that is also useful as it allows you to play submissive whilst gauging your distance and you can grab and control his head pulling him into your butt as you smash your heads crown into his face.Be aware that this allows you also to fire off several butts as you can control his recoil away and redeliver another butt(S) whereas if you don't control his head he may reel/recoil away from you .Be prepared to follow up if required.That said I use the head as a primary weapon and have never needed more than one as yet.Also be aware that it can inflict a lot of damage.Your height is also a factor to consider.I am short at 5 ft 7 and most people are taller than me which allows the crown of the head to be used easily but this may be more difficult for taller guys who have to bend further down to deliver a top of the head butt.

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