Best place for MMA merchandise?


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Oct 19, 2005
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What is the best place to order official merchandise of various MMA fighters/organizations?
haha... yeah.. sherdog is a good place to start...

but seriously, most fighters who sell stuff (that I'm aware of) do it thorugh their website. For example I know Matt Hughes sells his shirts on his website and Tito has his punishment website. Just try looking at fighters' websites and you should find stuff there, or if not, at least links to where it might be.
E-bay. Just search a fighter's name and see what comes up, I've found quite a bit of cool shit that way.
lol, thanks guys.
We do carry the best gear around like Nogi, HCK, Gameness, CSI, Mizuno, XFgear.... :D
I would love to geat my hands on Sprawl and Some of Jeff's Sherdog shirts and hoodies then we could be a one stop shop.
Yep SSF !!!

Some Pride FC companies, Sprawl and Sherdog gear would deffinetly be a great addition to your arsenal of MMA. I'd buy it!