Best KO, Sub, and Fight ever?


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Jan 4, 2012
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With everyone talking about FOTY i was just thinking back to fights over the years and i was wondering what everyone thought the best SUBMISSION ever, best KO ever, and best FIGHT ever was.


Fight - Hughes vs Trigg 2 (UFC 52) - Such an amazing fight while it lasted. Trigg catches Hughes in the family jewels and the ref doesn't see it, Trigg then pounds Hughes and locks in a rear naked choke, was this payback for the first fight? Hughes then turns into the choke, lifts Trigg up, walks across the cage (The crowd are SCREAMING!) then slams him down, a few minutes later Hughes locks in the rear naked choke and wins again!

Submission - Silva vs Sonnen (UFC 117) - After 4 and a half rounds of domination from Chael, a tired, sweaty, injured, yet amazing champion locks on the triangle and wins.

KO - Yves Edwards vs Josh Thompson (UFC 49) - Fight was going ok, Yves grabs hold of Josh's waist and they both kind of jog across the ring together, then as Yves lets go Josh tried a spinning back fist and Yves throws a jumping kick, SHIN to the DOME!

Outside of the UFC

Fight - Shogun vs Lil Nog

Submission - Shinya Aoki vs Clay French

KO - Mirko vs Dos Caras Jr
Frank Mir Vs. Nog 1 KO
Frank Mir Vs. Nog 2 SUB
KO: Hendo/Bisping
Sub: Korean Zombie/Garcia
Fight: Hendo/Shogun

Outside UFC:
KO: Cro Cop/Igor
Sub: Fedor/Fujita
Fight: Wand/Rampage I
sub-flying scissor heel hook.
ko-wand rampage 2.
fight-...this one is harder than the other 2! i cant decide for sure but fedor cc was pretty intense.
KO - Anderson vs Vitor

Sub - Mir vs Nog 2

Fight - Hughes vs GSP 2
KO: Anderson Silva front kick on Vitor
SUB: Anderson Silva triangle on Sonnen
Fight: Hughes vs. Trigg 2
For me its impossible to name just one. Off the top of my head, here are my favorites:

All time KOs:
Rampage vs Randleman
Struve vs Morecraft
B-Nog vs Schaub
Wandy vs Rampage 2
Shogun vs Arona

All time Subs:
Hazelette vs McCrory
Mir vs B-Nog
Royce vs Severn
B-Nog vs Herring
NATE vs Gomi
Maia vs Sonnen

All time fights:
Sakuraba vs Newton
Edgar vs Maynard 3
Shogun vs L-Nog
Hendo vs Shogun
Fedor vs Iron Head

All time TKOs:
Kos vs Yoshida
Silva vs Franklin 2
Randy vs Belfort
Boetch vs Okami

All time individual performances:
Forrest vs Shogun
Jones vs Machida
Randy vs Chuck 1
Silva vs Leben
Fedor vs B-Nog 1

Im sure there's many Ive left out
Have people not seen Hughes vs Trigg 2 or something? :eek: :eek: :eek:
Have people not seen Hughes vs Trigg 2 or something? :eek: :eek: :eek:

I have, I thought it was a good fight but I've seen lots that are better in my opinion

Off the top of my head:
Saku/Royce 1
Wand/Hendo 1
Rampage/Wand 1/2
Shogun/Lil Nog
Fedor/Choi (It was a fun fight, sue me.)
Sub Jung twister
KO Hendo Bisping
Fight Hendo shogun

KO - Silva vs Belfort
Sub - Silva vs Sonnen
Fight - Shogun vs Hendo

Outside UFC

KO - Jose Aldo vs Cub Swanson
Sub - Nog vs Cro Cop
Fight - Wand vs Rampage II
KZ-Garcia I & II
Lil Nog-Shogun
Best Fight ever
Shogun vs Lil Nog II

Best KO ever
Badr Hari vs Stefan Leko

Best sub ever
Korean Zombie vs Leonard Garcia.
Picking some that haven't been listed yet.
Fight. Gomi v Nick Diaz, Randy v Nog (fun fight, maybe not best though)
Ko. Rashad v Salmon or Machida
Sub. Anderson v Chonan or Maia v Story
Fight- Edgar/Maynard 2.
KO/TKO- Rampage/Arona.
Sub-Hughes standing rnc on trigg.

Fight - Hughes vs. Trigg 2
Submission - Mir vs Nog 2
KO - Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop

Outside of the UFC

Fight - Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama
Submission - Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi
KO - Chuck vs. Overeem