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Jul 9, 2005
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So I am thinking of buying a heavy bag, one that can take a bit of abuse, kicks and such. I tried searching the forums but couldnt really find any info. I am looking for a hanging heavybag for around $100. I am 6'0 and 170lbs, and I have no idea what weight I should get. I am thinking 100lbs, but am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
mine is an everlast 100 pounder....ive done it all to it, punches, kicks, elbows, knees, even hit in coming in on a penetration step and thrown it down from my shoulder using it for sandbag work, and its never even shown a sign that its about to rip. your probably gonna have to go more than $100 bucks though, but its well worth it
Make sure you find some where good to hang it. I have a horrible story of my kitchen falling into my basement after I gave my heavybag a sidekick. I didn't die though. Haha. I have to get me a free standing bag.
Title is the cheapest that I know of. Look for banana bags.
I've tried many different heavy bags...and the only one I would give to my future son for his birthday would be a ringside heavy bag.
Get whichever of the two are cheaper. Title and Rigside are the same company.
dont get canvas, yes its old school but it will rip the easiest. Especially with high use. As far as lower prices Everlast has 70# Nevatear bags for around 60$.
Brandinho said:
Get whichever of the two are cheaper. Title and Rigside are the same company.

That is like saying Onions and Apples are the same thing. There is a huge difference between those companies.. Every title glove i have ever worn has blown up, their customer service sucks too. I wouldn't spend $$$ on a bag at title.