Best DVD?


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May 24, 2005
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I was looking at the Bas Rutten Combat DVD set or the 101 Submissions DVD Parts 1 and 2.

I want some instructional DVDs to add to the training I am already getting, and I like the stand up aspects of the Bas DVDs. Are these worth the $$$?
Bas Rutten's big dvds of combat are well worth the cash, the takedown section ainmt great but the rest is great.
101 Submission is a collection of submission clips, not an instructional at all.
Yup, you're comparing apples to oranges here. You can learn something from both sets but if the stuff is new to you go with an instructional tape. Bas' set is a great all in one instructional set but if you're looking to develop a certain aspect of your game then there's better choices.
Yeah I own the big dvd's of combat they are very well made I watch them before and after class. they make a world of difference